Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Beginnings.....

Hi! I'm Kristine and I'm new at blogging, but a friend tells me this is a friendly place. I have been painting on silk for over twenty years. This has been a particularly EXCITING year for me so far... I was awarded the prestigious title of Roycroft Renaissance Artisan for my designs in the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau eras. I have been contracted to create work of this genre for The Byrdcliffe Art Colony in Woodstock, New York and the San Diego Historical Society in California. This is in addition to my ongoing contracts with the Roycroft Campus in East Aurora, New York and The Gamble House, another museum store in California. I feel so fortunate to be represented by these prestigious shops.

The second portion of my business, French Dyes, has been around for over twenty years and concentrates on scarves and articles of clothing which embrace fabulous colours in original abstract designs. These items are shown at The Creator's Hands in Rochester, New York and Artizann's in Naples, New York or can be seen on my


  1. Yeah! You go girl! Lovely work! I'm following you.

  2. Your work is lovely- I am painting dragonflies as we speak!! I am impressed by your awards and honors! Best, Pam

  3. Your work is beautiful. I see that blogging is not your think :)